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Vandit March madness


… ‘come to those that wait
’, as that old maxim goes. But VANDIT say: ‘things get even better when you don’t have to!!’ In that spirit the Berlin’s sound merchants have pulled the ripcord on Genix’s spectacular new electronic music EP. Skydiving into stores today, the young middle Englander once again thwarts all attempts to pigeonhole his musical style with three tracks that deftly defy any easy categorization.
So open your mind… ‘cos only ‘Good Things’ await!
The EP sparks its flint with housed-up drum loops, coiled around swiftly releasing, speaker-baiting filters. Charging up the break with its hazily delayed and impossibly atmospheric piano lines, Genix doubles down, dropkicking a whopping funk-fried Mylo-esque synth riff on the cusp of ‘All Good’s peak.
Crunchy percussion, deep beats and LFO intensity are the primers for ‘Something New’. Diving off the high board, it submerges in oceanic melodics, before putting the throb back into prog at the bottom of the drop. Backed by its oblique male & female vox drifts, Genix begins to release the side-chain compressors, winding it back up into an immense sound shaft. Once heard, not soon forgotten!
Rounding out the ‘All Good Things EP’, ‘Tryfan’ is the EP’s more minimally minded play. Powered by a progressive tempo, linear grooves and hissing industrial FX, its backlit by lucent harmonics and casually buzzed distortion.
01: All Good Things
02: Something New
03: Tryfan
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Canada is proving itself to be a very prolific A&R ground for VANDIT of late. Following Arnej’s co-op with boss-man Paul van Dyk last year, and more recently Eddie Bitar’s double-pack stomp-fest ‘Metal Mouth’ & ’Meloque’ last month, here comes Giddy to add to VANDIT’s Canuck influx!
Making his debut with ‘Stanza’ on Burner Records back in 2010, more recently Giddy’s been coproducing with regular studio compadre Jamie K. That union’s seen them ink tracks to labels as varied as Holland’s Black Hole Recordings (with ‘We’ve Come So Far’ & ‘Veritas’) and the UK’s Toolroom, with last year’s ‘Barrage’.
Back riding solo for this release, fans of Giddy’s more, melodically uplifting, sun-kissed vibe are in for gift with the release of ‘Halcyon’. With its quick catch/instant appeal harmonies, wistful flute-ish minor melodies and dancefloor whipping mainline, it summons summer at a good three months earlier than can reasonably be expected!
01: Halcyon
Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check ‘Halcyon’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:

Together, two guys called Chris have collaborated for their first co-op release for Germany’s VANDIT Records. As individual producers, the Berlin-based producers have worked on music for a number of frontline artists, Afrojack and Thomas Gold being but a couple. A means to a stylistic end, ‘Telling Tales’ sees them cumulatively reach musical pastures new.
With the release the pair collectively step out of their respective comfort zones to fuse a new sound, one that draws percentile inspirations from the fields of classic house, trance and the progressive. ‘Telling Tales’ synthesizes dramatic, striking orchestral hits, chiming organs & piano lines and zooming FX. Built around a dynamic trance-end tempo, it alternates between big emotional drops and floor elating lifts.
Accompanying the release of ‘Telling Tales’ comes its extraordinary, mesmerizing video for the single. Shot in Rome with only an iPhone, you can check its absorbing natural spectacle by clicking here: XXX
01: Telling Tales
Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check ‘Telling Tales’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:
Someone’s been putting something in the water down VANDIT way! For their next release they take a temporary departure from planet trance, heading down into the netherworlds of deep, deep vocal house. They’ve brought together the vocal talents of Tricia McTeague (most recently heard on Protoculture’s ‘Burning Bridges’) with the mysterious, masquerading-under-a-new-name producer Eranga for the astonishing absorption ’Welcome’.
Cut from classic deep house cloth (think: Kupper, Chandler, Deep Dish, Mood II Swing, etc), Eranga lays down a production platform of low-slung tribal beats, crisp minimal percussion and cool, tightly checked licks & beautifully curved sub-riffs. Having previously collaborated on songwriting with esteemed producers including Narada Michael Walden and Nile Rodgers, and having supported Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, Pink and others, Tricia’s vocals are in a class of their own. She lends ‘Welcome’ an extraordinary lyrical infiltration and vocally emotive pathos that’s quite impossible to ignore. Dark, moody and minimal; sometimes less is more.
01: Welcome
Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here: XXX
Check ‘Welcome’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:
If there’s one thing that’s been missing around the VANDIT ramparts of late, it’s arguably a honest-to-goodness, laser raisin’, floor-blazin’ vocal trancer!! Step forward then Mr. Ben Nicky, to put an end to this unholy drought and floor-side get those collective vocal chords lifted. He’s gotten together with singer/songwriter talent Chloe Stamp to create the impossibly catchy, deliriously uplifting ‘Brave Heart’.
Cut at full-blooded trance speed, the track beats a path to the floor with running b-lines, 808 drums and 303 acidics. Dropping into the break, Ben intros Chloe’s calling, siren-song harmonics, backed by pad & chord wash and lump-in-ya-throat pianos. With her heart-on-sleeve lyrics and angelic tones stamping their sear on the break, Ben hooks in its thunderbolt mainline and splits ‘Brave Heart’s atom!
Nano-genres, do-one. This is trance, served plain, straight and most uplifting!!
Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here: XXX
Check ‘Brave Heart’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:
01: Brave Heart