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Trancefsuion stronger than ever!

TRANCEFUSION POWER OF ELEMNENTS – the Strongest Transfusion ever! Pure trance, the strongest line up to date , a full 13hours of music , the most hi-tech technical production , huge visual and special effects and last but not least, a world class list of stars! All of this awaits you at Trancefusion Elements of Power in mid- April 2014. Transfusion once again draws thousands of fans of this musical genre from virtually all corners of the world to Prague’s Industrial Palace. Every Thursday over the past three months BTL Agency announced a performer’s name until the line-up was complete. Fans and critics alike are bubbling over with enthusiasm: look forward to another perfectly written chapter in the history of Trancefusion . As always , fans can look forward to several first time performances in the Czech Republic, various live performances, incredible special effects and most importantly a pure musical dance experience. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also prepared some very unique b2b sets for this edition of Transfusion! Complete Line Up: FERRY CORSTEN ALY FILA b2b JOHN O’CALLAGHAN BT ANDREW RAYEL (Author of Trancefusion 2014 Anthem) SOLARSTONE SEAN TYAS JOHN ASKEW BEAT SERVICE FERRY TAYLE b2b MANUEL LE SAUX ESTIVA DARREN PORTER REORDER b2b THOMAS COASTLINE CHRISTIAN BURNS LIVE JOHAN GIELEN AND FRIENDS STAGE: We are happy we can announce the good news that we will add a very special stage to the already strong line up on the main stage of Trancefusion Power of Elements. In the premises of the central hall a smaller club stage will be built with a capacity up to 1000 people in a very special design. This stage will be constructed in a club look and feel. Expect a floor devided on different elevation levels, plenty boxes and sitting areas. The whole area will be decorated, have a special light system designed to create a special club feeling and will have the best sound system. This stage will be open from 10 PM and will continue till 6 AM. Trancefusion Power of Elements is honored to welcome the Johan Gielen and Friends Stage! This is something special you can look forward to! Johan selected the DJs/friends personally who will join him this night and he will play an exclusive 3 hours set! Friends Johan invited are: Cor Fijneman (, Virtual Vault ( and Three Drives ( Besides this we are also very pleased that during the Old School tour last weekend we agreed Johan will produce the anthem of this stage called ”Power of Elements” SPECIAL TICKET OFFER INCLUDING GIFTS: We have prepared an amazing offer in cooperation with our exclusive partner Vodka Blended 42. If you order 4 standard tickets for Trancefusion Power of Elements before the end of the year, you will receive a gift set worth of almost 60 EUR including: 1 bottle of Vodka Blended 42 2 bottles Splash (alcholic mix drink) 1 pair of party glasses (choice between black or red) 1 keycord (white or black) 1 Trancefusion CD mixed by Thomas Coastline 2 cans of Red Bull Trancefusion / Trancefamily stickers Gift by Vodka Blended 42 (choice between flash disk, flip flops or women’s shorts)  This set can be ordered via email: Delivery can follow in person (in Prague only), cash on delivery or payment transfer and subsequent submission to the designated address. Get this set now for only 170 EUR including handling and shipping! MORE NEW INFORMATIONS: The entire program will be divided into four blocks , each presenting one of the elements: Earth , Wind, Fire and Water, encorporationg modern effects , video rendering, costumes , scores of special performers and more. Stage design is underway, we’ll present it to you in the near future . The club stage as usual is located in the foyer (and smoking section) featuring young, talented Czech and Slovak performers who will gain their place in the line-up by voting fans. The 3rd, smaller stage will be in the Left Wing , part of a large game and relax zone. TRANCEFUSION – a deep “trance-fusion” into the veins of the Czech music scene! You’ll be reborn after this unforgettable night! More on or No admittance for anyone under the age of 18 Basic tickets – early birds 500pcs for 890 CZK all in, afterwards for 990 CZK, 1090 CZK, and on the day of event for 1350 CZK. GOLDEN VIP first 30 pcs for 1690 CZK, afterwards for 1890 CZK, 1990 CZK, and on the day of event for 2190CZK. DIAMOND VIP first 30 pcs for 2690 CZK, afterwards for 2890 CZK, 3090 CZK, 3190 CZK and on the day of event for 3490 CZK. DIAMOND VIP tickets include unlimited free drinks. For more details about all the kinds of tickets please visit Pre-sale online link: or order at +420 734 538 699. C.O.D. orders to be ordered for a fee of 84 CZK on