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Beachclub Fuel presents Strictly RAM

Easter Sunday is the start of the summer party season and Beachclub Fuel will be kicking off 2014 with an awesome ‘one man show’ on April 20th featuring RAM. The pioneer of Amsterdam Trance is riding high on his latest success and has been seen all over the world in many  influential clubs in some of the biggest cities. The success of this Dutch artist is the silver lining of a dark cloud that overshadowed his life after the recent tragic loss of his wife Amelia. Written to honour her memory, ‘RAMelia’ has become a huge hit and now RAM wants to give back to all those friends and fans alike who supported his track and helped him through the tough times. His free solo-apperance ‘Strictly RAM’ is his own tribute to those special people & Amelia.
This is of course a fantastic opening gig for the 2014 season at Beachclub Fuel. RAM will be taking his fans on a whirlwind tour of his own musical journey from the past 20 years. The fans from the very start, the fans from the glorious era of Bas en Ram and the fans of today will all appreciate their own little piece of the history which has made RAM into the DJ he is today. Energetic, melodious and FULL OF POWER, that is the style that RAM is famous for! There will be many moments to remember the highlights of his career, one of those being an hour dedicated to his RAM-series; RAMsterdam, RAMazing, RAMplify, RAMelia etc. RAM will also be treating his fans to the world premier of his new tracks fresh from the studio. There’s a two-hour Trance Classics segment on the menu, with classic fireworks ensuring that old-school enthusiasm from the crowd. The mix of styles, bound together by RAM’s characteristic sound, will create an eclectic and upbeat show from end to end, culminating in an hour-long finale of Hardtrance Classics.
I am so very thankful for all the love, warmth and support I have received after the loss of Amelia, the most special and unique person in my life. It was and still is an incredibly difficult time, but thanks to you all it is getting easier to bear. This free event is my way of thanking you and I hope I can give you something beautiful in return. This party will be a unique gathering with passion and love of music and each other, and of course a cherished memorial to my ‘Angel Eyes’ Amelia #ForEverLove
Beachclub Fuel
Over the last two years Beachclub Fuel has quickly become one of the most popular party spots on the coast. Rain or shine the crew at Fuel can always count on their parties being jammed full of party-loving people. This year the organisers from the Beachclub in Bloemendaal are taking up the challenge to bring an even better season of big events and have packed their calendar with exciting parties. The Grand Opening with Strictly RAM will kick off their awesome season with a big bang!
The free entry will surely fill the club to capacity early on, but you can still be sure of your place at the party thanks to a small number of guaranteed-entry tickets.
These tickets are available on and entitle you to drinks vouchers of the same value when surrendering your ticket at the door.
Be quick to avoid disappointment!