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Dj RAM:Trance will always be there!

How did you get in touch with Trance Music?
1989 was the first time somebody took me to a rave and said you have to check this out. The music is really cool and the people are lovely. It was love at first sight. It was amazing to see, that the people in that time were modern hippies, who preached love, peace and house and I think that the first trance releases were in 1994. It was an unique time. Loved it !!
By which artists are you most influenced in your musical career ?
Well not one particular. In the good old days Paul van Dijk but I’m also a big fan of Aly&Fila and JOC love the energy in their tracks. But people like Jean Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer are for me the real inspiration. What these guys do is magic. Also my good friend Geert Huinink is amazing.. But I can be also inspired by totally other genres like classic or rock.. All depends on my mood :)

What do you think about trance scene today?
I think it’s great. It could of course be a bit bigger again, but let the EDM shizzle grow over its top and then we will have trance back.. I think the trance scene is doing fine. Many people say it died but that’s a bunch of bullshit.. Trance will always be there. It’s the most emotional genre in dance so it appeals to a lot of people. That will never go away.. once a trance fan always a trance fan.. lol

Every fan in the trance world knows about your loss last year. We want to send our deepest sympathies for the tragic loss of your wife Amelia. During your event at Grotesque, people really gave you a beautiful tribute. How did you feel behind the decks at this time?
Thank you … It was an emotional rollercoaster but I had to do this to pay my respect to my wife in front of everybody. And from the moment I started with “RAMelia” the whole room was full of lighters and people crying and showing there sympathy. That was just amazing I never expected that. 2000 people completely in the moment with me in a room full of love and respect. Most difficult and beautiful set in my life… After my set I was completely empty and finished.. For those who missed the set
“RAMelia” was elected by ASOT listeners no.2 “Tune of the Year”, since this track is close to your heart, where you happy about that?
Of course I’m happy with that. It was never my goal. it was just meant as a tribute track for her. But after I played it on GIF 2013, the track exploded. And I think I got thousands of messages from all over the world of people telling me, how much they love it. The track also appealed to a lot of people because of there own loss and they had to think about that person because of “RAMelia”. It’s so beautiful and amazing, that music does this. So it didn’t only touch me but the whole trance scene. Love & Music connects people.
Will be there maybe Follow up of that Track?
Oh yes I’m working on it now.. with the amazing vocals of Stine Grove. This is really a great follow up for “RAMelia”! I can’t keep it dry, the lyrics are so touching again, for me at least. So I hope this will reach also many hearts. This is why I make music. To express my feelings and hope that it will touch other people too. That’s why making music is so beautiful. It will be called RAMore
You are not only DJ and Producer, you are also one of the organizers of Grotesque festival. How you manage to do and that thing? What gives you strength?
I’ve always done club nights from the beginning and I think as a DJ it’s good to have your own night.. Good for profile and promo. And I like to do it, although I have less time for it now. Fortunately I have people working for me now, who handle most things and I do the programming.. For me it’s a hobby that has become my life style. I get enough strength from that.. If it’s becoming like a normal job then it’s time to do something else.. But I don’t think this will happen :)
Where is your diary taking you this year? Till now what is your best festival?
I have a kind of busy schedule. I can’t say which ones yet as they haven’t been announced yet. But I’m touring Asia, America, Europe & Australia, so lots of clubs & festivals to visit. I’m very much looking forward to it.. I don’t really got one festival that was great. For me when the crowd is enthusiastic it’s always good.. But GIF 2103 was the best because of what I just explained about Amelia..
What can we expect to hear from you in the coming few months?
Well I’m working on my album which will contain lots of great collabs with vocalists like a new track with Susana. And at the end of the month my track Kingdom of Dreams will come out on ASOT.. Then I will release the track Epic on DS-R and after that “RAMore” will be released on the new Grotesque label. Got a collab with Andy Moor & Christina Novelli on the way which is really awesome. I just did a remix of “Waiting” from Dash Berlin and a remix of “Concrete Angel”. I’m also working on some classic reworks of Gouryella & 4 Strings.. Doing the new Technoclub Cd with Talla 2XLC so enough on the way .. so stay tuned !!
Any message for your fans in Croatia :)?
Check out my social media to stay tuned and hopefully we will meet somewhere this summer :) take care, love each other hold each other because you never know when its over…